Benefit Information for RETIREES enrolled in MEDICARE

FY24 1.1.24 Health Rates for Retired Employees

Medicare Plans (for retirees age 65 & over and/or enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B):

Tufts Medicare Preferred (designed to coordinate with Medicare A&B)

  • New Monthly Rate for Retirees & Spouses as of January 1, 2024 will be $83.70 per person
  • New Surviving Spouse (widow/widower) Rate: $209.25 per month
  • New Annual Enrollment period is every November with a January effective date
  • This plan includes prescription coverage
  • Tufts Plan Highlights (PDF) Updated for 2024
  • Tufts Plan Summary (PDF) Updated for 2024
  • Plan requirement: must live in Massachusetts
  • Next possible rate change will be January 2025
  • Previous Monthly Rates for Retirees & Spouses:
    • January 1, 2023: $82.50 per month
  • Previous Monthly Rates for Surviving Spouses:
    • January 1, 2023: $206.25 per month

BCBS Managed Blue for Seniors (designed to coordinate with Medicare A&B)

BCBS Medex (designed to coordinate with Medicare A&B)


Altus Dental - Retiree Plan

  • Monthly Rate for Subscriber Only: $47.24
  • Monthly Rate for Subscriber +1: $94.48
  • 0% increase for FY24
  • Altus Retiree Dental Plan Summary (PDF)
  • Coverage is throughout United States
  • Annual Enrollment is every May (with a July 1st effective date)