Street Paving

Paving Updates

December 2nd, 2021 Update

  • Bridge Street Project: Public hearing webinar.
  • Cabot Street: Project website. Last part is installing the specialty crosswalks. 
  • Odell Avenue: The sidewalk contractor is finishing up constructing the new sidewalks and installing curbing and handicap ramps. Once this work is complete the next step is reclaiming the road and paving it which is currently scheduled to begin late August/early September.

During paving operations it is critical to the success of the project that all vehicles are off the road by 7 am or they will be towed. Police details, City of Beverly personnel, and the Contractor Crew will be able to assist you during this process.

2021-22 Current Paving Projects

  • Cabot Street (Conant Street to Wenham Line): Grind and Pave - COMPLETED 
  • Conant Street (Cabot Street to Danvers Line): Grind and Pave - Spring 2022
  • Elliott Street (Greene Street to County Way): Grind and Pave - COMPLETED 
  • Essex Street (Harwood Street to Wenham Line): Grind and Pave - COMPLETED
  • Hancock Street (All): Reclaim and Pave
  • Heather Street (All): Sidewalks - COMPLETED
  • Jackson Street (All): Reclaim and Pave
  • McKinley Ave/Clifford (All): Grind and Pave - COMPLETED
  • McPherson Drive (Elliott Street to Stop and Shop Driveway): Grind and Pave - COMPLETED 
  • Odell Avenue (Baker Avenue to Spring Street): Reclaim and Sidewalks - COMPLETED
  • Russell Street (All): Sidewalks - COMPLETED 
  • Standley St/Old Standley St (Eagle Ln to Bridge): Mix of Reclaim and Grind and Pave - COMPLETED
  • Western Avenue (All): Reclaim and Sidewalks - Spring 2022
  • West Dane Street (Cabot Street to Rantoul Street): Grind and Pave - COMPLETED
  • Crack sealing: Various Locations - ONGOING

Jackson St/Hancock St: Sidewalk contractor will fix driveway aprons, install curb, install handicap ramps and repair sidewalks starting on Thursday November 11th. Then structures need to be raised and final pavement scheduled.  

It is important to note that there is no exact schedule or timeline. During sidewalk construction, it is possible that trees may need to be replaced. Please check this website frequently for Paving Related Updates. Follow us on Twitter @BeverlyEngineer.

Important Information for Those Residents Affected by the Street Paving Projects

Upon completion of the paving projects, the newly paved streets will not be permitted to be dug/opened for at least five years based on the road age and/or Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating (PDF) (if approved by the Engineering Department). Therefore, if there is any pending underground utility work to be performed it must be completed prior to completion of the paving project.

Examples of Underground Utility work are but not limited to:

  • Cable
  • Electric
  • Natural Gas: In the event you do not have natural gas service and are interested in changing to natural gas, we would suggest that you contact National Grid (800-233-5325) to schedule your service at this time. Please notify the Engineering Department if you need assistance you with expediting your request 978-605-2358).
  • Sewer (chronic issues should be addressed at this time and should be brought to the attention of the Engineering Department 978-605-2358)
  • Sump Pump: If you have a sump pump it may be possible to connect to the City's drainage infrastructure. Call the Engineering Department if you need assistance with this matter 978-605-2358).
  • Water (volume, pressure, and quality issues should be brought to the attention of the Water Department at this time 978-921-6057)

The Engineering Department is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you have. We will also be updating this important project with information that can be found on this link as it becomes available.