2014 Bass River Area Study

The City of Beverly and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) are pleased to unveil the 2014 Beverly Bass River District Vision and Action Plan.

This planning effort began in summer 2013 and was funded by the Barr Foundation. The Bass River industrial district and adjacent downtown areas were targeted in the City's 2002 Master Plan and MAPC's 2011 North Shore Priority Development and Priority Preservation Plan for appropriate compact, mixed use design with accompanying improvements in transportation safety and connectivity to create additional opportunities for economic activity, waterfront recreation and housing. See a map of the study area (BMP).

MAPC and the City worked with residents and property owners, businesses and Councilors to create the 2014 Beverly Bass River District Vision and Action Plan, which furthered those recommendations by developing the vision for the area and providing recommendations for how to achieve that vision.


View the full content of the plan (PDF).

Working Group

A Working Group composed of residents, a Ward Councilor, area architects, business owners and City staff provided guidance and feedback to MAPC and the City throughout the project. The Working Group is focusing on furthering the recommendations of the plan.


Please contact Darlene Wynne via email in the Planning Department for further information on this planning effort.