Projects / Development

Private Development under review by Planning Board


478 Rantoul StreetSite Plan Review and Inclusionary Housing for 37 new one-bedroom apartments and conversion of existing structure to have ground floor commercial and one single bedroom apartment and one two bedroom apartment.  Special Permit for parking space reduction and parking lot drive aisle reduction.Public Hearing scheduled for 11/14/23
63 Sturtevant Street - Extension of Sturtevant StreetDefinitive Subdivision Plan for 3 lots at 63 Sturtevant Street with an extension of Sturtevant Street as a private way ending in a hammerhead turnaroundApproved
7, 11, 29 Rantoul Street and 34, 42, 42 1/2, 44 Cabot Street and 8 School Street 
Definitive Subdivision Plan for zoning freezeApproved
4-6, 8, 10, 12 14, 16, 18 & 20 Rantoul Street and 26, 28, 28R Cabot Street and 7 & 9 Cox CourtDefinitive Subdivision Plan for zoning freezeApproved
240 & 246-248 Cabot Street 
Definitive Subdivision Plan for zoning freezeApproved
Trask LaneDefinitive Subdivision Plan remanded back to Planning Board by Land CourtPublic Hearing continued until December 
Extension of 63 Sturtevant StreetPreliminary Subdivision Plan for extension of Sturtevant Street creating 3 new buildable parcelsNo action taken by Planning Board.  Next step is Definitive Subdivision Plan.
119 Rantoul Street
Definitive Subdivision Plan for zoning freezeApproved
Ellingwood and Congress StreetSpecial Permit for 16-17 parking spaces on an MBTA owned lot at the corner of Ellingwood Court and Congress StreetApproved
8 Summit Ave Special Permit for Parking Lot as the principal use of a lot in the CC zone and deviation from the design requirements for parking spacesApproved
572R Essex StreetProposed 500 s.f. garage located at Long Hill and Sedgwick Gardens in the R22 Zoning District and Water Supply Protection Overlay DistrictApproved
451 Essex StreetThe project consists of a new mixed commercial and residential building containing two commercial units and five 3-story townhouse-style apartments with 21 parking spaces. 
Approved, Under Construction
103 Cabot StreetRedevelopment of and addition to the existing four-unit residential structure and converting the Property to a mixed-use structure containing a total of eleven (11) residential units and one (1) office unit. 
119 Rantoul Street (Meineke)Site Plan Review and Inclusionary Housing Permit for a proposed mixed-use development, a five-story building to include ±1,650 SF of retail space on the first floor along Rantoul Street and 56 residential apartment units on the upper four floors. A parking garage with a total of 57 parking spaces will be provided in a two-level garage at grade and below grade.  Approved
Southwest Rantoul GatewaySite Plan Review and Inclusionary Housing Permit for a proposed mixed-use development, which includes demolition of the buildings on the parcels and construction of a 5 story (53 feet) building containing 60 apartments, 250 sf of ground floor office, and 73 parking spaces both in a garage and in surface parking, with 5 units restricted as affordable for households earning less than 60% of the Area Median Income.Approved, under construction 
350-354 Rantoul StreetSite Plan Review for the demolition of an existing 3-story building and construction of a new 2-story building to house a previously approved marijuana retail establishment. Approved
40 Dunham Road, Building 40 - Subsidized Elderly HousingNew Construction: 160 housing units designated as subsidized elderly housing, requiring a Special Permit. Approved
218-224 Cabot Street & 18 Federal StreetRenovation and new construction on 1.46 acres of land to create 113 residential units, 5,000 sf of commercial space, and 153 parking spaces for the proposed residential units. 12 of the units will be affordable units. Approved
105 Sam Fonzo Drive & 
10 LP Henderson Road
Construction of an approximately 95,800 square foot manufacturing, assembly, processing, and packing facilityApproved; Under Construction
108 Sohier Road (Anchor Point)Smart Growth Overlay District (40R) application for 75 affordable family unitsModification Approved; Phase I Occupied
20, 30, and 40 Webster Avenue OSRDOpen Space Residential Design (OSRD) Subdivision creating 9 new building lots, adjusting 2 lots, and creating 2 open space parcels on a 14-acre site.Approved; Under Construction
50 Dunham RoadAssisted living and memory care facility ("Vitality Living")Special Permit Expired
52 Dunham RoadFive-story mixed-use commercial buildingApproved; Complete
Beverly Village for Living and the Arts (fka Briscoe)Special Permit with the City Council for reuse of a public building (Briscoe Middle School); Modifications and Extensions grantedApproved; Construction began December 2022
Depot II ProjectSite Plan Review, Special Permit, and Inclusionary Housing for a 73' mixed-use building containing 106 residential units with commercial space, parking, and site improvementsApproved; Construction began May 2021
Livingstone Avenue Extension Subdivision2-lot Definitive Subdivision PlanApproved, Under Construction
OSRD off Thaxton Road and Grover StreetOpen Space Residential Design (OSRD) Subdivision application for 3 new lots on a new private roadApproved, Under Construction
Restaurant at 1 Water StreetConstruct a 3-story restaurant containing ground floor public amenities on land owned by the CityApproved; Complete

[Last updated: February 10, 2023]

Public Planning Projects (w/ Engineering Department)

Bridge Street Reconstruction
The City is working to advance designs for the reconstruction of Bridge Street from Town of Danvers to its intersection with River Street. The project includes intersection improvements at Bridge Street / River Street.
Brimbal Avenue/Route 128 Overpass ProjectTo promote safety, decrease congestion and improve access to un/underdeveloped properties in the Tozer/Sohier/Dunham Road area
Green CommunitiesTo reduce their energy use and their carbon footprint on the journey towards healthier communities and stronger economies
Three Intersections Project 

Intersection improvements at three locations in Beverly including: Rantoul Street/ Cabot Street/ Water Street; Balch Street / McKay Street; and 1A/ County Way/ Route 97 (Henry's Intersection).
Public Hearing Presentation