20, 30 & 40 Webster Avenue OSRD

Hickory Hill Way (Formerly Known as 20, 30 & 40 Webster Avenue)

OSRD Site Plan & Subdivision Review (Step 2 - Complete)

The Planning Department has received the following application materials for the next step of review for this Open Space Residential Design (OSRD) Subdivision/Site Plan. The applicant has assigned the name "Hickory Hill Way."

Initial Review (Step 1 - Complete)

Request for initial review through the Open Space Residential Design (OSRD) process of a Yield Plan and four conceptual plan options, each creating 9 new building lots for either single family or duplex units and a new roadway.

  • Yield Plan Public Hearing - September 19, 2017 - Approved
  • Conceptual Plan Review comment period - September 19, 2017, October 17, 2017 - Recommended Concept E for further development.
  • Site Visit (open to the public) - October 14, 2017

Initial Review Application & Plans

OSRD Subdivision - 1-Lot

A 1-Lot Definitive Subdivision Plan has also been submitted for this site and scheduled for a public hearing on February 13, 2018. This plan is available in the Planning Department office. Public Hearing continued until April 3, 2018.

All plans and applications are on file at the Planning Department.