Bridge Street Reconstruction


This MassDOT reconstruction project involves rehabilitation of pavement and sidewalks along the Bridge Street corridor from the Danvers town line to River Street, excluding the Hall Whitaker drawbridge. The project includes cross section improvements to accommodate on-street parking and on-street bicycle accommodations. The existing traffic signal equipment at the intersection of Bridge Street at Livingstone Avenue will be removed, and new traffic signals will be installed at the intersection of Bridge Street and Kernwood Avenue as well as the intersection of Bridge Street with River Street. Under the proposed project, continuous cement concrete sidewalks with vertical granite curb will be provided along both sides of the roadway for the full length of the project. As part of the proposed project, a 7-foot-wide parking shoulder will be provided on the eastbound side of the roadway to prevent vehicles from parking on the sidewalk. Additionally, 5 foot wide bicycle lanes shoulder will be provided along the corridor. Minor realignments will be performed at the intersections of Bridge Street with Cressy Street, County Way/Bates Park Avenue, and Eastern Avenue/Dolloff Avenue. 

The $12.6 million dollar ($11.6M of which is federally funded) project will take place during the 2023 and 2024 construction seasons. There are no exact dates at this time. Check back frequently for updates - we will update this page with information as we receive it.  Due to federal funding requirements, the City of Beverly is required to follow notification, appraisal and easement processes. Temporary and permanent easements to allow for construction are necessary on abutting properties. 


Owners of properties along the Bridge Street project received certified letters the week of May 7- May 14 complying with federal funding requirements. Simply put, the letters explain that the property will be part of the assessment and easement process.


Check out what type of easement will be needed at your property.


An Easement is the right of MassDOT to use all or part of a property for a specific transportation purpose. Easements can be permanent or temporary (limited to a stated period of time). Regardless of the type of easement, the title to the property remains in the name of the property owner. The Bridge street project consists of only two type of easements, they are:

TEMPORARY EASEMENT: grading, loam & seed, walkway and driveway reconstruction (apron)

PERMANENT EASEMENT: aerial (overhead) wires, guy wires (utility tension)

Outreach Strategy

The Engineering Department went door-to-door in March 2022 to notify residents about the upcoming project and the projected construction dates. Packets of information were then mailed to every resident and homeowner along the route to further notify and provide further information to the project in April 2022. Residents will continue to be updated about this project.

For more information, please call the City of Beverly's Engineering Department: 978-605-2358 or email Please check back frequently as we will update this page with information as we get it.

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