Typical Funding Schedule

  • October 1 - Beverly Affordable Housing Trust (BAHT) issues annual notice of funding availability (NOFA) for next calendar year. 
  • Mid-October - BAHT holds Public Informational Meeting
  • By October 30¹ - Submit letter of interest to BAHT with summary of proposed project seeking funding during next calendar year
  • Last day of each month - Submit application to the City's Planning and Development Department for recommendation to Trustees for funding during next calendar year
  • Rolling (within 45 days) - Meeting: Trustees meet to review application(s) and determine if any additional information is required. Meeting will be held within 45 days of receipt of application. Additional meetings may be held if necessary.
  • Rolling (within 30 days) - Decision: Trustees vote to grant or disapprove application(s) within 30 days from final meeting. Vote may be taken at initial meeting if Trustees feel they have sufficient information to take such action.
  • Rolling - Enact contract for funding with Planning and Development Department

¹Or Friday before, by noon, if falls on a weekend