2019 CPA Funding Round

Community Preservation Act (CPA) 2019 to 2020 Funding Round (7) Recap

  • The Community Preservation Committee recently concluded it's 2019-20 Funding round with the following projects received funds:
  • Restoration of the historically significant perimeter fence located at Beverly Farms Cemetery (proposed by the Beverly Farms Improvement Society). CPA funds awarded: $70,000.
  • Preservation of community housing through the replacement of failing roof shingles at the Roger Conant Apartments (proposed by the Beverly Housing Authority). CPA funds awarded: $96,000.
  • Restoration of the historically significant vaulted ceiling and rose window in the lobby of the Cabot Performing Arts Center (proposed by the Cabot Performing Arts Center) CPA funds awarded: $275,000.
  • Restoration of the historically significant stone staircase connecting Gillis Park and Pleasant View Beach (proposed by the Ward 2 Civic Association) CPA funds awarded: $22,635.
  • Preservation of historically significant subset of original solar panels and Inverter House adjacent to Beverly High School (proposed by SolarNOW). CPA funds awarded: $25,000.
  • Establishing a fund and program to award housing assistance to Beverly residents financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic (proposed by the Community Preservation Committee (CPC)). CPA funds awarded: $240,000.

Beverly Housing Authority 

In addition to projects proposed during the regular funding round there was an out of cycle funding application from the Beverly Housing Authority requesting $100,000 in CPA monies for replacement of the exterior doors at the Beverly Housing Authority-owned apartments located on Balch Street. This was part of a larger, $3 million dollar project to rehabilitate those buildings using state funds.

Powder House Restoration Project

The CPC also recommended $52,000 in additional funding for the Powder House restoration project so that the entire scope of work originally proposed could be completed.

Briscoe Village Living & the Arts Project

The CPC also evaluated the (August 2020) out of cycle application submitted by Harborlight Community Partners and Beacon Communities requesting $700,000 in CPA monies to be applied to the Briscoe Village Living and the Arts project to create affordable housing, preserve historical elements and preserve open space. The entire project cost is estimated at just over $42 million dollars. The CPC recommended to the City Council that the project received $700,000 in CPA funding and the Beverly City Council approved the funding.


If you have any questions regarding the above projects please direct them to Denise Deschamps, Economic Development Planner and staff for the CPC. She may be reached at 978-605-2356 or by email.