Emergency Housing Assistance Program

Community Preservation Act (CPA) Funding for Emergency Housing Assistance Program

The Beverly Community Preservation Committee formed a subcommittee to explore the possibility of dedicating CPA funds for emergency housing assistance to be granted to Beverly residents impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the subcommittee are: Heather Richter, Derek Beckwith, Thomas Bussone II, and Nancy Marino. The Subcommittee held a series of meetings and reported out to the full Community Preservation Committee on May 21, with a recommendation for funding.

Funding Recommendations

The Community Preservation Committee voted to support the recommendation which was then forwarded to the City Council for final approval. The Beverly City Council approved the recommendation for $240,000 in CPA funding on June 15, 2020. On June 18, the Community Preservation Committee met to discuss next steps and they agreed that the CPC subcommittee should proceed with the process of identifying an agency to administer the program. On June 26, the CPC Subcommittee sent an Invitation to Submit a Letter of Interest (PDF) to area agencies.

The CPC Subcommittee received a reviewed the two letters of Interest that it received. The Subcommittee subsequently made a recommendation to the full Committee in support of the North Shore Community Action Programs (NSCAP). The Community Preservation Committee voted unanimously to adopt the recommendation. As with all projects that receive CPA funds a memorandum between the party receiving the funds and the City of Beverly/Community Preservation Committee must be signed. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been fully executed.

Additional Information

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the program please contact the administering agency, NSCAP (North Shore Community Action Programs), by calling 978-548-5776, emailing, or visiting their website.

No further meetings of the Subcommittee are scheduled at this time. (Updated as of August 17, 2020.)