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Our Veterans are assured that the City of Beverly acknowledges and appreciates the sacrifices they have made in the quest for justice and for peace. 
My call to action to all of us this Veterans Day is that you please reach out to a Veteran and/or Veteran family to extend your thanks for their service and sacrifice and to check in on how things are going.

Veterans Day, also known as Armistice Day, was officially created in commemoration of Nov. 11, 1918, when after more than four years of horrific fighting and the loss of millions of lives, the guns on the Western Front in Europe fell silent. While World War I officially ended on June 28, 1919 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, the armistice that went into effect at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 is generally regarded as the end of the “war to end all wars.” The significance of Veterans Day has since expanded to honor and celebrate all America’s Veterans “for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.” (U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs)

The Making of a Vietnam Veteran Memorial

Beverly, Massachusetts



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Trans Day of Remembrance

Trans Day of Remembrance is a day to commemorate those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. It is a day to draw attention to the continued violence endured by transgender people.



May you celebrate Thanksgiving Day with love in your heart, prosperous vision in your mind and gratitude in your being. Blessings, blessings, and more blessings: that is my prayer for you. Happy Thanksgiving and may God greatly bless you!

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HR&A , City Department Heads and the Racial Equity Audit Core Team to discuss diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. The Mayor and City Council believe that City government has a duty to equitably serve and support all residents of Beverly. Racial equity in this context is defined as a future state when race can no longer be used to predict how far someone goes in life, and quality of life for all groups is improved. In Beverly today, who you are or where you were born still determines much about how well you fare, and we know the City government can play a role in addressing this disparity.


The City of Beverly welcomes individuals with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you would like to request accommodations or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact the Office for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at wfahari@beverlyma.gov in advance of your participation.

Submit your diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging event to wfahari@beverlyma.gov