Business Certificates

Business Certificates ("Doing Business As" or "DBA")

Who Must File?

  • Any person, whether individually or as a partnership, conducting business under any title other than the complete real name of the owner(s).
  • Any corporation doing business in a name other than its corporate name. The certificate must be completed and filed by a corporate officer.

Where Does One File?

File with the Clerk's Office, either in person or by mail, in the city or town where the business is located.

Filing a business certificate at the city level does not protect the name as a corporate filing or a trademark registration does; it merely allows consumers and or creditors to identify the names of the actual owners of a business. This filing is required by state law. 

A business certificate does not give you permission to operate your business; it only registers the name. It is the owner's responsibility to obtain all appropriate permits and/or licenses for the business from the Building Department, Board of Health, or other licensing authority.

Business Certificates cost $25.00 and are good for four years.

What About A Change?

In the case of discontinuance or a change of information on the certificate before the certificate expires, a form must be filed with the City Clerk's Office with a fee of $10.00.