Waste Reduction

For detailed information about waste management, including how to participate in the curbside compost pick-up program, how to recycle electronic waste, and how to give new life to your old textiles, please visit the Trash & Recycling page on our website.  

Waste reduction is an important part of the Resilient Together climate action plan. Below are our overarching goals, with more information on specific policies, programs, and events to come: 

  • Beverly and Salem achieve 30% reduction in waste disposal by 2030 and 90% reduction by 2050. 
  • The Cities will develop waste reduction and management policies that include resource recovery and use of sustainable materials as well as reduction of waste stream toxicity. 
  • Community members are educated and responsible consumers who minimize waste generation and maximize productive reuse.
  • All major capital improvement projects are evaluated with a life cycle assessment.