Ongoing & Future Goals

Diversifying City WorkforceLooking internally to improve our outreach for city jobs. We’re looking to amend our application, hiring and onboarding process. For example, reexamining job descriptions to remove unnecessary qualifications. Blinding names on resumes to help remove bias. Provide training for department heads and managers on unconscious bias and being an ally at work. This will also include building a retention plan so performance reviews are conducted fairly.
EconomicsDeveloping programs to improve the credit, homeownership, business opportunities and wealth accumulation for people of color.
EducationExamining curriculum changes, building a more diverse workforce, and understanding racial impact on our education system with teachers, administrators and parents.
Public HealthNS Safe Summer Vaccination campaign, working with Beverly Hospital to find ways to better educate and bridge gaps in health care access and equity.
Public SafetyBuild a more diverse police workforce, develop better understanding through community conversations and other means of engagement.
CultureBridge more cultural awareness and understanding of the BIPOC community.