House Numbering Information

House-Number-62A properly numbered house will save firefighters valuable time trying to get to you in the event of an emergency. The following is a copy of the City of Beverly Ordinance requiring houses to be numbered:

Sec 52 Numbering of Structures

  1. All houses, businesses, and other buildings within the city shall be conspicuously numbered so as to indicate the number of that house, business, or other building upon the street it fronts upon
  2. It shall be the duty of every owner and/or occupant of each house, building, and/or structure within the city to place their number on the house, building, or structure
  3. The size, color, location, and visibility of the numbers shall be as follows:
    • The minimum height of such number shall be three and one half (31/2) inches in height
    • In order to be visible from the road, street, or way the number shall be of a contrasting color
    • The numbers shall be affixed to the front door or as close to the front door as possible
    • Where there are multiple houses, buildings, or structures located off the road on private ways, private roads, or private lanes the numbers shall be placed at the following locations:
    • 1. The numbers shall be affixed to a post at the entrance to said private way, private road, or private lane
    • 2.  If the house, building, or structure is so far off the private way causing the numbers to be unidentifiable from the private way then a post with the numbers affixed thereto shall be placed at the entrance of the driveway leading to the house, building, or structure