Disposal of Medication, Syringes & Mercury

Mercury Recovery Program

Mercury is an element that can be harmful to human health and the environment if not disposed of properly. Mercury won't harm you or the environment as long as it stays inside the product and is handled properly when you are finished with it.

Mercury can be found in a variety of household products like thermometers, thermostats, button-cell batteries and fluorescent lamps.

Please handle products containing mercury very carefully and properly:

1. Never throw glass thermometers, old thermostats, button-cell batteries of fluorescent lamps in the trash.

2. Store mercury-containing products in a safe place, such as an unbreakable plastic container, away from children and pets.

3. Please bring products containing mercury [i.e. thermometers, thermostats, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL's)], to:

Beverly Health Department  -  90 Colon Street                                                     

*** Fluorescent lightbulbs (traditional tubes):  Tubes over 2' can be taken to Batteries Plus Bulbs in Saugus at a charge of $0.25/ft. 

Disposal of Medication:

Medication Drop Box 24/7 @ Beverly Police Station & Beverly Hospital, Main Entrance.

Disposal of Needles: 

Drop off @ Beverly Hospital, Main Entrance, Sharps Kiosk 24/7 & Beverly Police Station. If you find a needle on a public way, please call the Beverly Police Department non-emergency line at 978-922-1212.   Provide the location of the needle(s) with as much detail as possible so that the responding officers can locate the waste.