Rodent Control & Public Education


Rats have always been present in cities and are a fact of urban life. However, they are present because of human activities, and thus it is possible to reduce their numbers by working together as a community to modify our habits. Mayor Cahill’s Office, the Health Department, and other City Departments are working together with residents, business owners, and community groups to promote a better understanding of rat behavior and how to minimize their presence.

As part of our commitment to mitigating rodent activity, the City of Beverly is launching a pilot program with Modern Pest Services to bring the latest rodent-control technology to our city and evaluate its effectiveness. From January through June 2023 we will install and service 28 SMART Boxes in different areas of Beverly. SMART Box placement areas have been determined by data collected through Beverly’s 311 Service Request system (also known as QAlert and Report an Issue) and site visits conducted with Modern Pest.


If you notice any evidence of rodent activity on your property, contact a professional exterminator to properly eradicate the issue. Exterminators can be found in the local phone book or online. Ask to see proof of Massachusetts state licensure for pest control before you sign a service contract.

  • Report a rodent or health concern to the City by using the MyBeverly 311 Service Request system:
  • Online at - under the photo banner, click on the “Report An Issue” button 
  • Using the MyBeverly app - available for Android and Apple users
  • Call the Health Department (978-921-8591) or the Constituent Services Office (978-605-2382)

If you can give specific information as to where you suspect rodents are feeding or burrowing, that is extremely helpful.

Use the "Report an Issue" button below and select "Rodents" to report rat sightings.


Please contact:

  • City of Beverly Health Department at (978) 921-8591
  • Constituent Services at (978) 605-2382
  • The Executive Office, Chief of Staff at (978) 605-2334