Fire Investigation Unit (FIU)

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State law requires all fires to be investigated. It is the job of the Beverly Fire Investigation Unit (FIU), under the direction of Captain Jonathon Palm, to do just that. FIU is comprised of 6 highly trained officers that are certified by State and Federal agencies to conduct fire scene investigations. Fire Investigators undergo specific training on the science of fire and combustibles as well as the art of “reading” a fire building to identify the specific area of fire origin and ultimately the fire cause.

Fire Investigators at Fire Scene

Besides investigating fires, the FIU is also responsible for referring kids to the Juvenile Firesetter Program. Two investigators are also nationally certified in the Juvenile Firesetter Program. The anonymous program is designed for kids who show a dangerous tendency towards fire. It allows educators to teach the kids the importance of respecting fire before they cross the line into committing a serious crime and injuring someone. 

For information about the Juvenile Firesetter Program, or if you have any information regarding a recent fire in the City of Beverly, please call 978-922-2424 and ask for a member of the Fire Investigation Unit.

Additional information can be found online at

Requirements for a Motor Vehicle Fire Report - DFS Form 33C

Only for car fires that occurred in Beverly. Car fires outside of Beverly, contact that fire department.


Prior to requesting an appointment the owner of record must gather and have in their possession all of the required documentation listed below:

  1. Driver's License
  2. Vehicle Title
  3. Registration


In order to process your motor vehicle fire report, the owner of record of the motor vehicle must schedule an appointment to come in person to the Fire Investigation Unit.  Contact the Beverly Fire Department, Fire Investigation Unit either by email at Fire Investigation or phone at 978-922-2424 to schedule your appointment.

Your scheduled appointment will be held at Beverly Fire Department, FIU, 15 Hale Street, Beverly, MA 01915


  1. Bring all of the required documentation listed in Step 1
  2. Bring the keys to the vehicle
  3. Form 33C and Form 330 will be completed in person at the time of your appointment

Additional information should be directed to the Beverly Fire FIU either by emailing Fire Investigation or by calling 978-922-2424.