Utility Surveys

The City of Beverly is committed to providing you with safe and reliable utility services while maintaining the integrity of the natural environment. Some of the utility services that the City provides include sewage collection, drinking water distribution, and stormwater management. The City is currently performing comprehensive rehabilitation of these various utilities throughout the City. In order to better facilitate this work, the City is conducting surveys of both City-owned utilities and privately owned connections. These surveys will help identify issues in the system, so the City can make necessary improvements to its infrastructure and, in some cases, to privately owned connections.

The City would like to conduct a brief survey of your property to locate and document the status of existing utilities. To schedule a survey appointment, please use the Calendly calendar below. If you would like to speak with someone directly, you may call the surveyor, Andrew Flannagan, at (617) 719-9353 or send an email to utilityinspections@dewberry.com.

As a participant in this survey program, you will be helping the City achieve the following goals, which also have a direct benefit to you.

1) Reduced risk of sewer backups and overflows

2) Reduced volume of treated wastewater

3) Improved water billing and accounting

4) Ensured water quality protection

5) Rehabilitated sewer service laterals

Read more about the program here.

The City has contracted National Water Main Cleaning Company (NWMCC) to perform the property surveys and Dewberry Engineers of Boston to help facilitate scheduling. Surveyors will carry City-issued ID cards and have successfully passed a CORI background check. We request your cooperation with the surveyors. The survey will require access to the basement of the building as well as the grounds of the property. The survey should not take longer than 30 minutes.