Zoning Projects & Amendments

Proposed Zoning Amendments

(currently under review)

  • Proposed amendment to eliminate the Tall Building Overlay District
  • Proposed amendments to reduce heights in Cabot Street corridor (CC2 District) and in RHD District
  • Proposed amendments to Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

Joint Public Hearing Presentation_2022-15-05

Proposed Zoning Amendment Package to Council

Proposed Zoning Amendment Redline

Proposed CC2 Zoning Map Change

Planning Board Recommendation on Order #279-2022
[Dated January 20, 2023]

Public Hearings:


Proposed Zoning Amendment Height Limits in CC District

Current Zoning Ordinance Projects or Studies

(not yet submitted for review / approval)

Design Standards Project

Bass River Area Study & New Zoning (on hold due to Hall-Whitaker Bridge closure)

Accessory Dwelling Units

Cultural Heritage Properties (on hold for further discussion)

Approved Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Zoning for Marijuana Establishments