Zoning Projects & Amendments

Current Zoning Ordinance Projects or Studies

Design Standards Project (not yet submitted for review / approval)

Bass River Area Study & New Zoning (on hold due to Hall-Whitaker Bridge closure)

Accessory Dwelling Units (Submitted for amendment in June 2023, under review during Fall 2023)

Cultural Heritage Properties (on hold for further discussion)

Downtown Height Maximums and Inclusionary Housing (Winter 2022/23)

  • Eliminated the Tall Building Overlay District
  • Reduced heights in Cabot Street corridor (CC2 District) and in RHD District
  • Amended affordability limits in Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

Joint Public Hearing Presentation_2022-15-05

Proposed Zoning Amendment Package to Council

Proposed Zoning Amendment Redline

Proposed CC2 Zoning Map Change

Planning Board Recommendation on Order #279-2022
[Dated January 20, 2023]

Final Approved Zoning Amendments (Council Order #279-2022) - once the amendments are incorporated into the Zoning Ordinance, this link will not work and we will update. 

Public Hearings:


Proposed Zoning Amendment Height Limits in CC District