I’m having an addition built. When can I begin using it?

The State Building Code states: a building or structure shall not be used or occupied in whole or in part until the Certificate of Use/Occupancy shall have been issued by the Building Commissioner or Inspector of Buildings… The certificate shall not be issued until all the work has been completed in accordance with the provisions of the approved permits and of the applicable codes for which a permit is required…

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1. When I start construction, is the work inspected?
2. Where should this card be kept?
3. Do I need to provide anything else to the inspector?
4. How much notice does the inspector need when I am ready for an inspection?
5. Can I call for plumbing and electrical inspections?
6. What does the inspector look for during the inspection?
7. Does the inspector carry identification?
8. Will the inspector ever come to my house without a call from me or my contractor?
9. Does someone have to be home during the inspection?
10. I’m having an addition built. When can I begin using it?
11. Is a Certificate of Use/Occupancy always required?
12. If I don’t get a Certificate, how do I know the work was completed satisfactorily?
13. Can I occupy my structure before all the work is done?