How much can I apply for?

The maximum award entities will be allocated through this program is $200,000. Upon award, 50% of the funding will be allocated to the respective organization; subsequent reporting will be required by the awardee on a semi-annual basis, beginning 6 months after the initial distribution, detailing project activities.  The first semi-annual report will initiate the second disbursement (25%) and the final disbursement (25%) will occur upon the last semi-annual report prior to the expected project completion.

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1. Who is allowed to apply?
2. How much can I apply for?
3. What can I use the funding for and when is the application due?
4. How do I submit my application?
5. What forms are required in the application process?
6. When will my application be reviewed and what is the review process?
7. How do I know if I am awarded?
8. How long is the grant period?
9. Are there any reporting requirements?
10. How will my application be graded?
11. What happens if I need to make a change to my budget and/or scope of services?
12. What happens if I do not comply with the requirements?
13. Who do I reach out to if I have any questions?