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1. Why should I recycle?
2. When is my trash and recycle collection day?
3. What about holiday week collections?
4. When should I put out my recycling?
5. Why didn’t the truck pick up my recycling?
6. Whom do I call if my trash, recycling, or yard waste is not picked up?
7. What can I recycle?
8. How do I put items out for recycling?
9. Do I need to rinse out my bottles and cans?
10. Do I need to separate cans, bottles and plastic containers from each other?
11. What about polystyrene, cartons (milk, juice, juice boxes etc), pizza boxes and microwave food boxes?
12. Can I put out more than one recycling bin?
13. Where can I get a recycling bin?
14. Does the City collect yard waste?
15. Is there a place where I can drop off my yard waste?
16. How can I dispose of Christmas trees?
17. Is there a curbside Food Compost program?
18. Where can I recycle books, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes?
19. How can I stop junk mail?
20. How can I shred confidential documents?
21. Is there an electronics collection?
22. Is there a hazardous waste collection?
23. How do I dispose of items containing mercury?
24. How do I dispose of waste oil (used motor oil)?
25. What can I do with all my plastic bags?
26. Can I put out any size barrel for trash and recycling?
27. Can I throw away my propane tank?
28. Is there a limit to the amount of large (“Bulk”) items I can throw away?
29. Where can I bring ink and toner cartridges to recycle?
30. How do I dispose of pharmaceuticals?