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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Affordable Housing Trust
  3. Aging, Council on
  4. Airport Commission
  5. Appeals, Zoning Board of
  6. Assessors, Board of
  7. Award to Municipal Employees Committee
  8. Beverly COVID-19 Emergency Business Support Task Force
  9. Beverly Golf & Tennis Club Commission
  10. Beverly Housing Authority
  11. Beverly Waste Reduction Committee
  12. Building and Other Facilities Planning and Construction Committee
  13. Cable Television Advisory Committee
  14. Cemetery Commission
  15. Charter Review Committee
  16. Citizens Advisory Committee
  17. City Council
  18. Clean Energy Advisory Committee
  19. Community Preservation Committee
  20. Conservation Commission
  21. Contributory Retirement Board
  22. Cultural Council
  23. David S. Lynch Public Parks Fund, Trustees of
  24. Design Review Board
  25. Disabilities, Commission on
  26. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  1. Economic & Community Development Council
  2. Emergency Management Department
  3. Emergency Planning Committee
  4. Essex County Commission on the Status of Women
  5. Evaluation Committee
  6. Financial Forecasting Committee
  7. Harbor Management Authority
  8. Health, Board of
  9. Historic District Commission
  10. Human Rights Committee
  11. Industrial Development Finance Authority
  12. Library Trustees, Board of
  13. Licensing Board
  14. Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control (NEMMC) and Wetlands Management District
  15. Open Space & Recreation Committee
  16. Parking & Traffic Commission
  17. Parks & Recreation Commission
  18. Planning Board
  19. Registrars of Voters, Board of
  20. South Essex Sewerage Board
  21. Stormwater Management Advisory Committee
  22. Trust Funds, Commissioners of
  23. Veterans Advisory Committee
  24. Water Supply Board, Salem and Beverly
  25. Youth Activities Commission